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Lots of ‘arcades’.


Lots of traffic. A lovely city to wander around through.


We like the small back streets with markets and book stalls.


We had our favourite meal out in the whole of Italy here. The workers buffet - AF Tamburini

Alan had found this place on t’internet. In the back of a delicatessen was a café. Grab a tray and pick from a number of yummy, down to earth food. We had some kebabs with pork, bacon, sausage and peppers on and some croquettes that were sugary. But, my, were they good. Half a bottle of wine from the tap and we were happy.


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Florence - first visit

I had been to Florence when I interrailed with Alison when I was 18. And it was like I had never left. Not just because the city was the same but I felt the same too. It was strange. Florence was vvveery busy with tourists, hot and sticky. Now we were out of thunderstorm weather the temperature was back to being in the 30’s. We found the tourist information (they are well hidden in these cities) and got some info, because this was a reccy visit, for a return visit.

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What a beautiful city. Both Alan and my favourite so far. We found somewhere to park outside the city – once in the city walls, there are hardly any cars, just a few mopeds to jump out of the way of.


The Plaza, where the Paleo takes place was really beautiful and since it was in a few weeks, we enjoyed seeing each of the districts with all their flags up and having their community parties.


We wandered around all day and then found somewhere lovely to eat.

One of the great things about drinking in Italy is that both Alan and I are very happy. They serve lovely Prosecco, by the glass, for 2 to 3 euros – that’s me happy, and with the drinks, come some nibbles for free. Olives, bruchetta, cold meats and crisps and nuts– that is Alan happy. We nearly managed to ruin our appetite for our meal out by having drinks first and being too generously fed.



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Claps and Rumbles...

Not just the kind I’ve experienced in Britain. We are talking the Mother, Father and Uncle of all thunderstorms. Noises like a giant Rolf Harris wobbling his board above your head. Or a huge empty metal cabinet being dragged along the floor in the flat about you.

Lecco, just North of Milan; Lake Ledro; Verona and Rabac in Croatia have been the kings of the thunderstorm. Verona was the end of Aida in the Amphitheathre – a story told later. The first one was Lecco – our second day in Italy. We were staying in a large field, our first Fattore Amico – where we had our first, you speak Italian, we’ll speak English, we’ll both laugh, a little embarrassed, but get the gist and move on gratefully.

The lightning started at about nine, as it was getting dark. Lighting up the grey clouds, a pinkish blue. But it was the thunder that was extraordinary. To the point, where one clap; at about one in the morning; was so loud and close to my head, as I stood near the vent in Nerys’ roof, that I screamed, nearly as loud as the thunder.

The storms in the lake were long and ferocious. My favourites have been in Croatia. Looking over the sea, we have a view point so we can watch them roll in. The clouds create some fabulous shapes, there has even been a rainbow. The sheet lightning has been like spotlights at a pantomime. The fork lightning has traveled to hit the sea. Everyone camping along the edge of the cliff, stands in front of their tents and vans and enjoys the spectacle. If the rain and wind catches us by surprise, we all run around grabbing towels off the line and hammering pegs in to hang on to the awning. I love a good thunderstorm. It is the ultimate in nature’s theatre.

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